Wayman A.M.E. Church

1221 7th Ave North - Minneapolis, MN 55411   Phone: 612-374-4711    Fax: 612-377-5739

1221 7th Ave North - Minneapolis, MN 55411   Phone: 612-374-4711    Fax: 612-377-5739

Wayman A.M.E. Church

Youth Ministries

The YPD'ers of Wayman AME Church meet monthly to study the AME Church and the WMS-YPD Constitution. The youth of Wayman are very active in our community. Some of their special projects are Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless; Christmas caroling at nursing homes and volunteering. All youth and young adults aged 2 through 26 may become members of the YPD.


Future Fire

Future Fire, was derived from a session with the youth of Wayman AME Church, Rev. Tracey Gibson and Brother Tyson Williams. After listening to the youth’s vision for a 4th Sunday experience Future Fire was launched. 

Some of the words that led to the naming of future fire were: innovative, technology, something new, an experience, fresh, connections and empowerment.


The Color Red biblically represents the Blood of Christ, warfare, consuming fire.  Fire burns off the old for new growth. Fire as a spiritual symbol means renewal, empowerment and transformational.  The fire of the Holy Spirit burns off that which is not of Christ.


Future Fire is a transformational geared toward the youth.


Wayman Steppers For Christ

The Wayman Boys Steppers for Christ was organized in 2009.  Since 2009, it has become a outreach Step Ministry for young men age 8-17.


Soul Seekers Dance Ministry

The Soul Seekers was organized in 2008, ranging in age from 5-21.  We minister through dance with the goal of praising, healing, touching and worshipping to all.